About Us

Eco Yabber have unique and innovative, Eco and Environmentally friendly giftware and products. Our ranges cover Clothing, Beauty and Healthcare, Stationary and Giftware.

All our products are great gift ideas or perfect for a person who is passionate about protecting our Environment. Eco Yabber products are direct and perfect alternatives to our normal everyday goods, just Eco-friendly! It's so easy to make the change.

Our company ethos is to be as Sustainable, and Climate neutral as possible. Along with providing many alternatives to single use plastic waste.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and sell some of the highest quality products on the Market.


Who was it founded by?

Eco Yabber was founded by Emily, who has a strong passion for Ocean Plastic and Climate Change, after studying Physical Geography at University. Her drive for change founded 'Eco Yabber' and the company aims to educate and ‘Bring People and the Environment together.’ The more people who are told and educated on how they can make changes to their lifestyle, from an Environmental and Eco-friendly point of the view, the better. We hope here at Eco Yabber we can inspire all generations to make changes and help to SAVE THE WORLD!