Iron and Velvet Floor Cleaner Sandalwood

Iron and Velvet Floor Cleaner Sandalwood

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Floor Cleaner Refill (Household)

Suitable for use on all water resistant hard floors, our Floor Cleaner is highly concentrated for easy dilution and will lift dust, dirt and food splatters off the surface.

On top of the cleaning ability, it won't leave behind any residue meaning after drying there will be no additional slip hazards.

To reduce your plastic usage simply re-use an old trigger spray or other plastic bottle, or to eliminate all plastic usage completely why not try using a glass alternative?


Set of 5 Sachets 

Usage Directions

1. Rinse your existing empty bottle with water

2. Remove the sachet from its presentation box

3. Insert the sachet into your bottle

4. Top up to 250ml with lukewarm water

5. Replace and tighten the lid

6. Shake until dissolved

7. Further dilute 50ml into a bucket of warm water!